Posted by: Amanda Taylor | December 13, 2012

5 year review

It’s funny how a year changes things….

I saw an icon on facebook today that said, “See your year in review”.  Not to be too much of a Debbie Downer, but I didn’t click it.  I haven’t really liked this year all that much.   I don’t think it would be much of a surprise to anyone if I listed out all of the reasons.  I started looking back…just to remember.  Just because I knew…

today could be worse.

5 years ago today – I was selling a Wii after camping out all night at Best Buy.  I did make money off that thing, even if I did have to camp out in my car and stand in line for hours.

I don’t wanna grow up.

4 years ago – I was being a tourist in Orlando.  Friends and Fun.

I am comfortable.

3 years ago  – I was still settling into being at the condo alone.  I was heading to Clearwater to testify in a trial.  I got strep throat and a double ear infection.  I won the trial but that was not a good trip.  That was the last time I was in Clearwater…

I’m sick.  This condo is quiet.  What am I gonna do?

2 years ago – I was posting about being stuck on a boat the night before.  Company holiday party fun.  I remember the next day, not being great.  I was pretty stinkin’ miserable.

I know next year will be better. Time.  Next year.

1 year ago today I posted, “1/2 step forward and 3 million back…”  I know exactly what I was talking about.  I knew exactly how I felt.  I was immersed in Elf on the Shelf, letters to Santa, wrapping presents, oh…and being taken advantage of.

On one side of me, I have joy and I’m hangin’ on tight.  On the other side of me, I just wanna let go.

So 5 years of today in review.

And today?

I’m happy. I’m believin’ that everything happens for a reason.

I can’t make it seem that this whole year has been bad.  Yeah, I’ve been kicked down ’bout a million times, but this year has brought some pretty amazing people in my life.  I spent a week at camp for the first time (because of a camper and her family that came into my life at the most needed time), I’ve met some amazing (and eccentric) friends, I got my sweet Atticus, and I started cycling (on my pretty new bike).

I’ve seen that with endings come beginnings. And sometimes stopping and figuring things out will open up all kinds of doors you didn’t expect.

I am pretty excited about some beginnings that are happening in my life, no matter how late into 2012 it is.

It might have taken me awhile to feel like I’m just where I need to be again…but I’m here.

And I am happy.



  1. AWESOME , EVERYTHING does HAPPEN for a REASON, I wished i could put words into writing like you do, I think the beginning is just that, Start from today and move FORWARD


  2. Beautiful! Like you!

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