Posted by: Amanda Taylor | November 24, 2012

It’s days like today that make you thankful…

for days like today.

Okay, well not exactly today but I’m talking about Thanksgiving.  I will admit, I went to bed not looking forward to the day as I had in the past.  I have been sick lately and a lot of those questions are weighing on my mind (and on my heart….)  Purple fingers, hurting heart, dizziness…I just am kinda tired of it. This would also be the first Thanksgiving I would be spending without a significant other since 2005.  Wow.  I wasn’t exactly “sad” about that, it was just different.  Thanksgiving also marks the nearing end of November and my to-do list is still the same.  I also had no idea what to bring to the two dinners I was attending.  My mom told me it was okay but I stressed about it all night.  I went to bed thinking, “Dear Thanksgiving, can you come in like another couple of months so I can get my stuff together because I’m not feelin’ the whole ‘Thankfulness’ thing this year.  Love, Amanda.”

I woke up at 6 on Thursday morning.  I sat in bed for a while with Atticus giving me all of his love and attention.  I kinda decided at that moment that I have always enjoyed Thanksgiving; the time with my family, the food, the feeling of being blessed, and the laughter.  I vowed to look at even little things to be thankful for.

It started off, with the cat. He gave me a wink and I knew that I would start my day off with a smile.  

I then decided that I would bring food. There was a small problem…I had nothing in my fridge or cabinet to whip together.  So the second thing I became very thankful for….

Oh yes, an exes sweat pants.  Left behind by him, great for me.  They were the perfect grocery shopping attire for 7 AM.  Comfy and Cozy. (See, I told you…it was gonna be the little things!)

Off to the store I went.  I didn’t get a picture of this but thank goodness for Winn Dixie. They were open for the silly girl like me that decided to shop at 7 AM.  I ended up picking up collard greens and ham hocks.  I was gonna bring a specialty and my family would love it!

An added plus to this southern comfort goodness?  Driving with them for an hour in my car made my car smell like deliciousness!

On the drive to my Papaw Richard’s house, I allowed myself to listen to sad songs, happy songs, crazy songs, and maybe a few (a lot) Christmas songs.
I pulled in and immediately felt the excitement that I get every year. I quickly made my rounds getting awesome family hugs and was shuttled off in a golf cart to an unidentified location (AKA – maybe 1/4th of a mile from my Papaws house).

This my friends is a house.  Yeah, a real house.  It’s not just any house.  It’s a house that my momma and daddy signed paperwork on the day before.  They have decided our home in Tennessee is to far away from their favorite daughter Amanda family and that living in Florida would just make more sense.  It’s a beautiful piece of property.  Has a little pond, lots of little relaxation areas, a pool, and lots of woods (add in a fresh set of bear prints in the driveway, too!)

I am thankful that my momma and daddy will be a hop, jump, and a skip away now.  It’ll take an hour of hoppin’ and skippin’ but a lot better than a couple of states away.  They may even let me rent out a bedroom there. I will admit, I’m not too thrilled about one day not having a home in Sweetwater – a home where I grew up, wrote my boyfriends names on the walls, told secrets, raised 203 baby dolls, looked out of my window at a huge oak tree for hours.  My home.

Throughout rest of the afternoon, I had lots of things to be thankful for….

Me and my daddy.  I love this pictures more than any words could ever describe.

And some special time with this handsome 10 year old.  This is my precious cousin, Dillon. Thankful they were able to make it to Florida to be with family!

Thankful for my dad.  Thankful for my mom. Thankful for my awesome Thanksgiving turkey shirt!

The family ate and talked and ate a bit more and then we started our trek over to Thanksgiving 2.  This would be at my mamaw and papaws house.  I was thankful for a fire and warmth.  I was thankful for shrimp cocktail.  I was thankful for seeing family from Canada and Seattle that I do not get to see very often.  I was thankful to have a talk with this kid….

My cousin, Richard, eating his first raw oyster.  Lots of laughs at the dinner table with this guy around.

After a second dinner, I sat by the fire and enjoyed the company of being around my family.  I had a full tummy, very sleepy eyes, and a thankful heart. I drove home that night realizing that all those “big things” I worried about the night before weren’t so big after all.  I have a great support system.  I have a great family.  I am very lucky to have big things and lots of little things to be thankful for – and even knowing that…makes me thankful!



  1. awesome !!!!! Love it

  2. Beautiful! Just like you!

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