Posted by: Amanda Taylor | July 15, 2012

Giggling Dog Fish and Happiness

A couple weeks ago, my Jason told me that he wanted us to have a day together.  He is not the best planner but he wanted to surprise me with a day of being outside, not thinking of work and being together.  I will say, his planning skills are getting better!

On Saturday, we started off with a beautiful sunrise.  Okay, who am I kidding?  I was definitely still sleeping.  I did get breakfast in bed, though!

We made it out of the door in record time.  No, believe me…anything that doesn’t require 6 hours to get out and going is pretty good for us!  We picked up his kayaks, fishing gear, a shelter (just in case a hurricane came again…), and other useful things (five fishing poles…) and headed out.

We had to stop for bait.  He got shrimp.  I got the heeby jeebys.  There was NO WAY (I repeat, no way), I was stickin’ one of those critters on a hook.  The smell of the bait shop ran me out to the truck pretty quickly and I secretly prayed that he would come out with worms.

We finally arrived at our destination and it was HOT.  It took 7 hours forever to find a parking spot (you’d think everyone wanted to be out on the water on such a beautiful day!) and we unloaded our gear.

He kayaks like a pro and I am well, Amanda and I am not a pro kayaker.  I didn’t flip though, which is great.  I am just super slow and get distracted by the water, what’s floating in it, and the large ships that want to knock me over.

Thankfully, he’s a pretty awesome kayak instructor.  Doesn’t hurt that he is good lookin’ too!

We paddled for hours and got to a nice fishing spot.  He tried to get me to bait a hook and I refused. He ripped the head off of a shrimp and I through that would make it easier.  The shrimp still jerked around when the hook went into him.  Needless to say, I didn’t succeed at baiting any hooks that afternoon.  We did catch lots of creatures, though.

This little guy was showing us who was boss.  If he was going to go back into the water, he was taking the net with him!

This, my friends, is a zebra fish….he has real human teeth.  Kinda weird, kinda funny.

A Jack,  also known as, the yellow fish that Amanda caught that was bigger than Jasons!  I was demonstrating the kiss and release technique here!

I think after catching this is when Jason said, “Have we caught two of the same thing yet?”  I think this was also the time I was thinking of The Little Mermaid and how I’d never live in the bottom of the sea with all the strange creatures we were catching!

And this…this is the giggling dog fish.  We have no idea what it is.  It was laughing (for real) the whole time.  He also has legs.  He poked Jason and I was hoping he was not poisonous (side note: not poisonous).

So, after all of that fishing I was sunburned (put on sunscreen 3 times!) and exhausted (and may have had a slight meltdown that I was too girly…).  We paddled to a restaurant and I slammed into the dock trying to park my kayak and had a delicious lunch then headed home.

The sunburn really started to set in around 8:30 but I couldn’t help but smile thinking of what a wonderful day we had together.  More than once I thought life is good today and that is happiness.



  1. It looks like so much fun! Glad you had a good day.

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