Posted by: Amanda Taylor | July 10, 2012

My wishes

I wish that the past could stay the past. Nothing more.  I wish that those revelations we get when looking back on our past were always clear at the time.  I wish our pasts were not bad and not hurtful to our future. I wish our past didn’t make us cry, hurt, or make us ask why.

I wish we lived with no regrets.  I wish regret wasn’t even an emotion or a word in the dictionary.

I wish that people could accept our decisions and be happy for us, assuming that we are making those decisions with our best interest in heart and thinking of others as well. I wish people weren’t so judgmental.

I wish every day could be a cool fall day and even Florida had pretty trees like Tennessee.

I wish everyone traveled to a far away place just once in their life.

I wish more people understood psychology and accepted people who love the social services, instead of seeing it as witchcraft.  I wish more people understood mental health disorders and realized how common they are in the population.  I wish admitting to people that you have a mental health diagnosis wasn’t taboo but accepted in society so those people understand why you can or can not do certain things.  I wish I could better accept that I can’t help everyone.  I wish those people knew how much I want to help, though.

I wish sometimes I didn’t have my job because what it equates to our society becoming but happy that I have the opportunity.  I wish I could find all of my kids a forever home and I wish I knew for sure that all of the decisions I have made since being a case manager were the right decisions.

I wish kisses and butterflies were contracts and they only happen if it is the right person that will never betray you or break your heart. I wish there was an email you would get from somewhere when you met your soul mate so you could know to stop looking and to be happy and know that you are set.

I  wish cats could talk and I wish that Atticus didn’t have to try everything that I eat.  I wish everyone could get a chance to cuddle with a sweet animal, especially Atticus.

I wish I was more accepting of not knowing what the future brings and at the same time I am glad that every day is a journey.

I wish everyone had a great Papaw to play catch with.

I wish everyone got at least one text, message, or call per day to make them smile and feel loved.

I wish religions weren’t so complicated and faith was just enough.

I wish that food could automatically appear on those days when I am too tired to cook.  I wish it wasn’t so expensive to have a fruit basket filled with fresh fruits and vegetables to eat everyday.

I wish it were easier to maintain a full-time job, have a great social life, do things around my house, and maintain my blog everyday.  I wish I would write in my journal more religiously like my grandfather and I hope that my grandchildren one day appreciate my journals as much as I appreciate his.

I wish that everyone could experience camp at least once.  I wish that these kids didn’t have illnesses and didn’t have to hurt but I am thankful they have a place to go and experience hope and love.  I wish I could bring home the joy, love, peace, and hope from camp and let everyone around me feel it.

I wish I stayed in better contact with my best friends from back home and sometimes wish that I had never left because I am missing out on so much.

I wish that the GRE didn’t exist and wanting to truly make a difference in the life of a child was enough to get me in to grad school for my degree.  I wish I had better study ethic.  I wish that money was not so important and I could meet the needs of myself and those around me financially, assuming they have worked hard to get to where they are at. I wish that I could know for sure what I need to do with my future and if some of my decisions are the best ones to make.

I wish people knew how much little acts of kindness meant to others. I wish they could feel the warmth that I have in my heart when I look at these things.

I wish I had more time to reflect and did not feel so overwhelmed at times.  I wish that everyone, even you, would just stop for a couple seconds every day…look around…and be thankful for the good that you can bring to your world and for the beauty that’s everywhere, even if it’s hard to see sometimes.


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