Posted by: Amanda Taylor | May 13, 2012


“Your mom gave me my first detention.” My sister and I heard that a lot growing up. One thing for sure, mom was there, sometimes it seemed like she was everywhere!  I was scared to say a cuss word in fear that it would get back to her (by the way, it usually did…so did that love letter I wrote in 5th grade).

My Papaw still tells the story of them inviting me to their house to stay the night and I would look with big puppy dog eyes and say, “Is my momma coming”.  I wouldn’t leave her for the night.  I also recall late night calls made by Kacy’s mom after I failed at sleepover attempt number 900.  Separation issues?

My momma didn’t teach me how to cook but she taught me to not take no for an answer and call Mr. U-Haul if needed.  She never taught me to drive but taught me how to wrap my baby dolls up in blankets.  She never pulled a single tooth but she was there every competition, game, show, I ever had.  She made my elementary school yearbooks, dressed up like Clifford, and was my Girl Scout leader.  She showed me that girls can catch fish and can walk around in barefeet.  She taught me that grades were important and I shouldn’t be so boy crazy (still workin’ on that one!!)

I have had a lot of wonderful people involved in my life, that have shaped the person that I am today.  I had Mrs. Teresa to cut my hair and give me puppy dog ears, Ms. Karen to get my splinters out and pull my teeth, my Mamaw Ruby to bring out the country in me, and Mamaw Taylor to always make it known how much I was loved. My Aunt Karen for talking to me for endless hours about love, heartbreak, life, and growing up, my Aunt Kitty and Aunt Debbie for showing me the true ways of a Southern girl and my cousin Bobbie Sue for being a cousin and a best friend.  I had Mrs. Howard keeping my school work from 1st grade to give to me on graduation day, Ms. Bradshaw giving me the best advice I have ever had, and my sister…well, I punched her and made milk shoot out of her nose one time.

I have been blessed with so many wonderful “Mommies” in my life. I wanted to be a mommy since I was about…3?  The last couple years, I was put in a spot to help raise a little girl and do “mommy” things.  I thought about her today as I remembered when she would call me “mommy, but only cause I miss my real mommy, but really your myamandy”.   I thought of my future and how I know one day, I’ll be a great mommy to some kid because of all the great people that have been in my life.

I am so blessed with so much more than I deserve.

So, Happy Mother’s Day to all of you out there.  You all are great 🙂

By the way, my mom is still everywhere  – thanks Facebook.


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