Posted by: Amanda Taylor | May 2, 2012

New Wheels

What’s a girl to do with a mountain bike that sits in a shed with a flat tire and dirt caked in the handles from a flip down a hill?

Nothing. She gets a road bike.

I now have three bikes though I am trying to sell one. I figured I wouldn’t be biking any Florida trails for awhile and needed something fast for Boggys ride this fall!

I bought a Trek Lexa. She’s very pretty and goes super fast. Yesterday, I took her for a 20-ish mile ride. My initial goal was to ride down to the Ponce Inlet Lighthouse, find a quiet spot by the water, and write. Not too many miles, nothing too hardcore. On my way down, I came across this pier.


It was beautiful. Quiet. Peaceful. I rode down to the end, praying my tires wouldn’t blow up from splinters in the wood. I quickly decided this was one of my new favorite spots.

I continued my trek (ha, get it…) down to the lighthouse. It was a nice ride. Lots of memories of a rainy day drive and pointing out “dream” houses but I pushed through realizing that’s all it ever was. A dream. Not all dreams should come true.

The lighthouse was nice but there wasn’t anywhere to “escape” to.


I took some pictures that I’ll post when my computer decides to be my friend again. I watched some kids playing and laughing (wow, I sound like a creep), and looked at my, well okay not “my” but one day, boats parked at the restaurant. I decided to head back and found myself pedaling down that old pier again.


I sat, I wrote, I listened, I relaxed. I knew I love the sweet, salty air but I wondered if it was home. I wondered where all of these hopes, dreams, and new road bike tires could take me if I just let them.



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