Posted by: Amanda Taylor | April 25, 2012

Atlanta – A 5 Year Reunion

You know when you meet someone and things just “click”?  Well, back in 2007 I met a couple of guys from University of Kentucky.  They were volunteering at Boggy Creek.  I met them during one weekend and then a couple of weeks later we were all back volunteering again.

I recall that second weekend of going back.  I walk into the theater for orientation and this maniac comes running toward me and gives me a big hug.  Whoa?! It was like we had been friends for a million years!  Rob and I were teamed up together that weekend to share a family.  I think we were probably the coolest ones there.  We had to be!

The weekend passed and I remember driving away and crying almost the entire way back to Deland.   I was sad to be leaving.  I hate saying good-bye (at the time, I had not really learned about Mr. Spivey’s saying, “See ya later”)  I just didn’t want to leave that place and all the friends I had made.

(We were ridiculous!!)

So fast forward two months, two years, three years, no 5 stinkin’ years!  I have kept in contact with Rob sporadically through facebook.  A couple of weeks ago, he invited me up to Atlanta.  I needed to get away from Florida.  It was a very impromptu decision, but I went!

Of course, I got incredibly (note, INCREDIBLY) lost getting into Atlanta traffic.  Should I have been nervous since I hadn’t seen this person in five years?  Well, that quickly faded once my life was in his hands as he talked me through the ghetto beautiful, back roads of Atlanta.

Of course, when I saw him I got one of those awesome hugs again.  It seemed like five years hadn’t really passed. It was a quick weekend.  We ate, and ate, and ate some more and had a couple drinks 🙂  I even met the creepiest guy on Earth and am currently playing against him in Words With Friends.  Nice.

I really enjoyed these beverages!

The Dogwood Festival at Piedmont Park.  I really could buy a tent and be homeless in this park for forever. I loved it!

Tall buildings!! (My two requirements were Thai food and to see tall buildings!)

He took me sightseeing and I met several cool people.

That’s Sara.  I have no idea who that guy is.

I really loved Atlanta.

I loved Atlanta maybe too much considering I had 32 pictures like this on my phone when I left??

 It’s a fun place.  So, it wasn’t surprising when Sunday morning rolled around and I was not thrilled to drive back to Florida.  I was close to “home”, I missed the trees, hills,  real grass, and it was so nice to hysterically laugh that much. Driving away, only a couple tears fell.

Dried my tears quickly so I wouldn’t miss the wonderful downtown Atlanta traffic!

During that drive home, I thought about how thankful I am that I have met people in my life that will cheer me up, even if they haven’t seen me in five years.    I am thankful that I have people in my life who will allow me to take a break from life when I need it the most.  I am thankful that I gained three pounds met Rob in 2007 and we were able to talk and laugh like it had just been yesterday.  I am so thankful I was able to “reset”.

I knew it wasn’t goodbye as I drove away. Camp people always say “See ya later”.



  1. Yay for fun, sporadic weekends with friends!

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