Posted by: Amanda Taylor | March 9, 2012

It just takes some time…

Right now, I definitely feel like I’m the “little girl  in the middle of the ride” (just like the song – if you didn’t get it..)

Some days I’m in that very anxious state when I hear the click, click, click of going up the roller coaster.  I don’t know what’s next.  Then, I’m going down, twists, turns, loop-de-loops.  I’m laughing, screaming, tears in my eyes, shaking, wanting it to end but not wanting it to end, and hoping I don’t throw up on anyone.

I am moving back to the condo where I was before.  I am very thankful that I have family.  I considered buying a house but the more I thought about it, the more I thought that I wanted to do that with a family someday.  I want to settle down somewhere and that place may not be Daytona Beach.  So, I am going to settle back into the condo.

Okay, I am going to settle.  Not that I am now.  Holy moly thats a lot of boxes.  You should see my office.  Actually, you shouldn’t so I am not going to post pictures on here of that disaster!

So, my wonderful momma got me very cute bedding to go with the new bedroom set I bought for the condo.  It’s all very beachy.  I have done a few more things today but didn’t take pictures.  Here’s the new furniture with very little extras.

I added a few more beachy things today.  Still wanting to paint the walls, just not sure what color to do?  Suggestions (and volunteer painters) welcome!

I got a few things for the living room, too.  Well, a lift-top coffee table and matching end tables.  There’s still a lot of work to be done in there, too.  I like my tables 🙂

The door is a project that will be completed sometime soon!

I am very glad that I got rid of so much junk when I moved out of here not long ago.  It made unpacking a lot easier.  I had to buy a lot of basic things again, but was happy I didn’t have “junk” to find places for.

Stay tuned for more pictures as it becomes more lived in…and maybe a furry little critter will join soon, too!




  1. I’ll help paint! Let’s see, I can be there in 15 hours or less. Does this work for you? 😉

    • Ha, of course 🙂 You’ll be just in time for bike week! Baby K would love riding on a harley, right?

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