Posted by: Amanda Taylor | March 5, 2012

What’s your favorite?

Welcome back.  Once again, it’s been about a year since I’ve signed on here.  Once again, I am in the same spot as I usually seem to be when I post the most.  Welcome back to “Amanda’s not so simple life”. More loss.  More heartbreak.  More tears.  More fears.  More unknown.

Welcome back.

Earlier today, I wanted to get on here and do a quick update.  Get this thing rolling again.  I didn’t really know what to say.  Do I catch you up on the last year?  Do I just start writing today and assume you’ll know everything that has happened?  Do I write about my day or just something random.

I was doing laundry (well, kinda…).  It’s currently sitting in huge piles on my bed.  It’s NOT my favorite thing in the world.  I was asked, “What’s your favorite?” Does anyone just have 1?  I don’t.

1. My family.  Every stinkin’ one of ’em!

2. My camp.


3. Dancing.

4.  Writing in my journal and reading.


5.  Simplicity The way rain looks on leaves.


6. And nature.

So, I’m sorry laundry.  You didn’t make it to the list this year.  Try again another time.

What’s your favorite?  Think about it…I hope it makes you smile.



  1. We share a lot of the same favs. 🙂

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