Posted by: Amanda Taylor | April 10, 2011

Enough is enough

I don’t think it would be a surprise to anyone to say that my last month has been very hard.  Similar to being stuck in any of the challenges from Fear Factor, for 30 days.

Being alone and hurt on my birthday,  the end of a very important relationship, dealing with new and  “interesting” coworkers, being at the Emergency Room alone and being sick, and my papaw being in and out of the hospital without a reason why has all stretched me thin.  I was frustrated.  The more I tried to get myself on track, the more I’d fall back.

Well, apparently, whoever is in control of destiny just doesn’t feel I’ve had enough.

My momma called today and a very special lady, Irene, just found out she has cancer.

Irene has been my mom’s best friend for years.  She is honestly one of the sweetest most caring people I have ever met in my life.  I think everyone knows how I feel about cancer, it’s probably pretty similar to how you feel about it.  Cancer sucks (for a lack of a better term).  I am hoping Irene beats it.  I know she can.

Some more bad news was dropped on my yesterday.   I don’t handle death well.  I have never agreed with this stupid war we are fighting.  It scares me.  On my birthday, I went out with my friend, Jen and Lauren, and for the first time Lauren’s brother Keith came along. He was on leave from Afghanistan for a few weeks.  He was a funny guy.  His wife was also with us.

It was a pretty bad night.   Not because of the company, they were great and a lot of fun, but  I would be going to that previously mentioned ER trip about 12 hours after this.  Well,  Keith went back to Afghanistan and on Thursday, April 7th, his unit was attacked and this war took another soldier.

It’s painful to see.  I was just laughing with him and his wife and sister a few weeks ago.  It isn’t fair.

There is that saying, “God wont put you through anything you can’t handle”.  Well, I’m not huge into religion, I don’t really know what’s out there, but I wonder how much I truly can handle.  It’s hard.

I’m hoping my adventures in the next few weeks will turn things around and I’ll have more of a positive outlook on life.

Until then, thank you for your service Keith! Kick cancers ass Irene!  Feel better soon Papaw!


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