Posted by: Amanda Taylor | April 5, 2011

Up in the sky…


I see a fish…maybe it’s a barracuda.  He’s dangerously close to eating the Ninja bear all the way to the left of the picture.  What do you see?

The sunsets are so beautiful here.  As Chance was admiring the clouds with me on my porch tonight, me with a rum and coke, him with some cat nip…a hawk started swooping down.  I quickly realized he wasn’t putting on a “Look I’m a bird, look at all these cool flight moves I can make” show.  Chance noticed it at the same time.  I screamed. Chance escaped inside.   Terrifying!  I hate birds.  Hate ’em!

In other exciting news.  I booked a flight today to my sister graduation.  I am going to try to go to Camp next weekend and if there are no openings…wait for it…I’m going to be leaving on a jet plane – and going home! I think that’s the kind of healing I need right now, because nothing else seems to be working.



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