Posted by: Amanda Taylor | March 30, 2011

Calm After the Storm

Kinda like my life…

It’s funny how a simple act of kindness can bring such a calm.  I complained to “my” maintenance man (aka: my bodyguard) that my neighbors were smoking and it was coming into my unit and making me sick.  He said, “Put a rubber gasket on your door”.  I thought, “Dang, I hate smokers, I have to buy stuff because of their nasty habit!”  Well, maybe it’s cause I’m super sweet, or the youngest person here, or just plain awesome, but I came home today to this…

My door is now has “bling” like my car!  My A/C Room and the Room to my Condo are sealed air tight! 🙂 Thanks Les!

Central Florida had tornado watches all day.  I drove home and still hadn’t seen a drop of rain.  I turned on the news to hear that the storms were coming.  I thought…”It’ll be okay, I ain’t scared of no stinkin’ storm…(scared of spiders, snakes, and the dark – but I ain’t scared of no storm)!  Now, being 17 stories up, let me tell you, a slight breeze can sound like a Category 13 (yep, that’s right) hurricane.

I went into my bedroom and saw this…

The next thing I knew,  I was on the phone having the following conversation “Chance, get in the bathroom.”


“No, sorry, Chance come here!”


“How does it look there, should I hide in my bathroom.  What’s safer staying up here or going to the ground floor”.

Thankfully by the time I stopped freakin’ out, the storm passed.

This is the calm after the storm.  I can honestly say, since having a few pep talks with myself and doing more “me” things, I feel like I’m reaching the calm after the storm.  I don’t know what the “calm” will bring, but I am starting to feel like it’s going to be just fine, whatever it is.

Today, I am smiling.


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