Posted by: Amanda Taylor | March 28, 2011

Something different…

So, I became really frustrated today.  I couldn’t think of what to write on here.  Writing really does make me feel so much better.  I googled “Monday blog hops” and it seems all blogs are about being a mommy, being a wife, almost being a mommy, collecting coupons, and did I mention being a mommy?

It seems like everyone is in love!  Yeah, yeah, I’m happy for you.  I don’t want to read about it all the time.Maybe that makes me sound really selfish.  Oh well, moving on.  I did find a cute and fun blog to link back to…and it has questions!

**I couldn’t figure out how to get the icon to work this time!  Go visit, Never Growing Old if you wanna play “Meet Me Monday”, too!

1.  Crunchy or soft tacos?

Soft tacos.  You know, my favorite food used to be spaghetti.  Now, I think I could eat tacos every day for the rest of my life.  It can be cheap ole Taco Bell or Moes.  Even Chance likes Moes!

2.  Do you scrapbook?

I used to scrap book. I have a closet full of pictures and empty scrap books.  My first ever scrap book I completed after a trip to Europe.  I used a lot of pipe cleaners and foam stickers.  It’s pretty bad now that I go back and look at it.  If I had more time, I would definitely scrap book, because my closet is ridiculous!


3.  Do you take any daily medications?

Yep.  I don’t want a rug rat right now 🙂


4.  What is your favorite sound?

The ocean.  I love waking up and hearing the waves crashing on the shore.  I can hear them now, actually.   It’s so very peaceful.


5.  Where were you born?

Right here in good ole Daytona Beach.  You don’t often meet a native Floridian.  Sure I left for quite awhile (18 years), but I found my way back 🙂


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