Posted by: Amanda Taylor | May 7, 2010

Fortune Cookies and Swampwoman

It’s Thursday so that means I would usually be doing a Thank You Thursday post. I know I have a lot to be thankful for. Things in my life are going really great right now and there are several reasons for that, but one in particular.

Today, I took Chance to the Humane Society to chop off…er…neuter him. I have been feeling kinda sick lately and it doesn’t help that I am a girl and my emotions are going crazy right about now.

No, I am not thankful for any of those things. Keep reading my followers! I may digress but I’m a girl and am unable to tell a story in two sentences.

When I was leaving Chance behind I started to get teary eyed. Chance was meowing and giving me a horrible look. Then there were those guys that had the pit bulls that were bullying my poor kitten.

I wish I could have thrown a shoe at your dumb dogs.

They asked if I was giving Chance back. My reply, “No, he’s just getting neutered”. Of course, it didn’t sound like that at all. It was barely audible. I absolutely lost it. I am sure the Humane Society had second thoughts about letting this unstable girl adopt a cat. 🙂

So, back to what I am thankful for today… I got in my car and dried my eyes. I questioned if I really felt like going into work or if I wanted to work from home. I put my foot on the break and the keys in the ignition and looked down. I saw the “fortune cookie” that Jeremy made for me a few weeks ago.

**Tangent alert** Thanks to Green Tea Chinese place for forgetting to put Fortune Cookies in our bag…two times! No, really thanks…’cause I got a home-made one that is better than any one you could give me.

Ahem, so as I was saying. I looked down at this fortune cookie. I put it in my car so I am reminded of how lucky I am. Instantly, it made me smile. He has a way of doing that. When I least expect it. I smile when he is around and when he isn’t. For that, I am very thankful that he is a part of my life and that he has let me in his.

I don’t think I’ll be able to post this next part this weekend. Tonight is as good as ever, though. On May 8, it will be 11 years since my mamaw Ruby passed away. My family illegally spread her ashes at Blue Springs.

Did you know you have to have a permit to spread ashes?? We didn’t…

I plan on going by there Saturday to visit. I still miss her more than words can express. I can’t help but to think that I wish she was here now, more than ever. I wish I could introduce her to some people. I wish I could sit down with her and write down all those stories she used to tell me. I wish I could have one more day with her. I’d ask her to tell me about the barefoot mailman, the time she lived in a cave in Arizona or in the mountains of Tennessee. I’d ask her to teach me how to attract bats and how to wrap Christmas presents. I’d thank her for the panda painting or the little notes she used to mail me. I’d thank her for coming to school to tell us stories and thank her for bringing us Meg-Meg. I’d like to sit down at a camp fire and read over the letters she wrote to my papaw while he was in the Korean War. I’d soak up every minute and remember. I want to share those stories with my family one day. I just wish I could remember more. Of course, I would hug her one more time…maybe even sing some Billy Ray Cyrus. I am going out there Saturday to sit for a minute and “talk” and reconnect with “Swampwoman” It’s going to be special for me for many reasons. I really can’t wait.

By the way, Chance is healing up well. I thought that maybe takin’ away those boy parts would make him calmer. They told me to keep his still for 7-10 days. Ha! The anesthesia has worn off and he is absolutely crazy right now.



  1. I LOVE YOU and I wished I had one more day with her also ,

    I miss her just like 11 years ago

    thanks for writing about mamaw


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