Posted by: Amanda Taylor | April 14, 2010

There’s no place that I’d rather be…

I realize that I have neglected this blog that I was so eager to get started not so long ago.  In a way, it has seemed I have had nothing to write about.  When in reality, I have so much to say, but not much that I need to blog to the whole world about.

Tonight as I sit in the condo,  I was thinking to myself, “Just write about what is going on on the home front”.  The immediate thoughts after that aren’t home as in the beach, Chance (surprisingly), or my Florida life…my thoughts drift to home….to Sweetwater.

I guess there are things to say about Florida right now.  It is hot and humid and I fell asleep in the sun on Saturday.  I am still paying for it and the blisters are an unfriendly reminder that Summer is quickly approaching,  although I was impatiently awaiting for it all Winter.  Chance is doing wonderful.  Tonight, I met some neighbors in the hallway.  They said, “Oh, it’s nice to finally meet the poor kitten we hear meowing all day long”.  I felt so bad!  I try to spoil the little thing as much as possible….I think he needs a friend.

But, as I said, it wasn’t Florida that first crossed my mind. It was my “real” home.  The last month or so has been pretty hard.  It just seems like it is one bad thing after another. I once had a problem with allowing other needs before my own.  It would completely exhaust me.  I have had to find my inner strength to say “No” to someone who I know I really hurt.  It was/is for the best.  My brother’s father passed away.  A friend from Sweetwater was in a motorcycle wreck and his passenger didn’t make it.  I did not know the girl, but know some people who did. It breaks my heart to see them hurting so bad.  I also reconnected with my best friend, Nichole, after several months of not talking.  I just wish things were better for her.  I would love to be “home” right now, talking with the people I care so much about.  I want to be there for them when they need it the most.

There’s no place that I’d rather be, sittin’ next to you, sittin’ next to me 🙂

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  1. I miss “home” too. These pictures really take me back! We both have a pretty cool opportunity living away from home that we’ll likely miss whenever we do get back to East Tennessee. Still though, realizing that doesn’t make it any easier. Miss you.

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