Posted by: Amanda Taylor | March 11, 2010

Givin’ credit where credit is due

I had this work before, but I don’t know what I am doing differently.  Thank you Thursday is originally brought to you by Our Imperfect Life.

First and completely foremost, thank you to the Humane Society for having the most perfect kitten for me.  Chance loves his new home almost as much as I love him.

Thanks to Rob (?) for stopping at the red light, getting off of your bike, coming to my window and asking if I was okay.  I usually can’t stand guys on road bikes, especially ones that have mohawks on their helmets, but you made me smile 🙂

Thank you Sirius Radio for playing only the sappiest love songs and making me cry like a baby, leading me into the above situation.

Thanks to my family and friends that have answered their phones in the middle of the night, talked to me for hours, and listened to me complain about my broken heart.

Thanks (and sorry) for the turkey that had to die so I could make delicious turkey chili for the night, it smells delicious!

Thank you mother nature for bringing ugly, nasty weather today.  I have to go out and do visits tonight and really just want to lay in bed.  However, thank you for keeping the obnoxious teen spring breakers off of the beach today.  They were very annoying yesterday and caused way to much traffic.



  1. I finally got that button to work by pasting the code in the ‘html’ screen as opposed to the visual. Hopefully that will work for ya. Glad you’re enjoying your kitten!

  2. Thank you Kacy for pointing that out! I didn’t know there would be any issues with it on WP, etc. So sorry about that!

    Chance is absolutely adorable! I just want to snuggle with him!

    And thank you for participating!

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