Posted by: Amanda Taylor | March 8, 2010

Photographs and Memories

So, I had a busy day today.  To keep my mind occupied I decided to do some arts and crafts.  I love doing this kind of stuff but it is so messy.  I am not the most organized person when it comes to my pictures, supplies, etc…

The main reason I got myself into this mess is because of two picture frames that I received in the last few days and needed to be displayed in my house.

The first one is from my father.  He saw it in a wood-crafting magazine and then built it for me.  It’s a neat concept.  There is a base for the frame and it can either be placed vertically or horizontally.  There is a “latch” on top that adjusts to the size of the frame.  I am very proud of him!  It is really awesome and I love it! When dad first gave me the picture frame he photoshopped a picture and put it in there. These first pictures of the frame are censored!

I put two pictures of my family in the frame.  It now looks like this:

The second frame  was decorated by Jeremy at Mud Monkey on Valentines Day.   The store finally called a few days ago and told him it was ready.  It turned out great!  It’s very fun and bright.

I put a picture of a sunrise on Christmas morning when I went fishing with my dad.  I’ll smile every time I look at it.



  1. Cute frames!

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