Posted by: Amanda Taylor | March 7, 2010

Plan of action

This past week, I didn’t blog at all.  I kept my time well documented in my paper journal, but couldn’t really find the time to think of anything super creative to hold your attention.

This week was definitely a roller coaster of emotions for me.  My job was tougher than usual, my family came down, and well…other stuff.

It’ s just one of those weeks that you just wish wouldn’t have happened, besides my family coming.  I did enjoy that part!  Do you ever have those days or weeks, though?  My last few posts have been very chipper : )  I have talked about the good life of living on the beach and being close with my family.  However, in the last few days things just haven’t seemed to work out how I planned or how I imagined.
When I moved here it seemed that starting over was going to be simple, that things were just falling into place.  Now, I am realizing the task of starting over, really of starting my own adult life is proving to be quite difficult.  It’s kinda like the first time I rode my bike.  I was so scared that Ms. Karen was going to let go of my seat but I knew I wanted/needed to learn how to ride.  I was in 7th grade, for goodness sakes.  She let go and I felt that rush of freedom. Of course, it stopped when I hit a fence, but those few minutes felt so great.

I want let that Amanda that has been molded through years of school, experience, and certain people grow into an Amanda that is finding her own way.  It is hard though.  I have hit that fence a few times now.  I know I’ll keep going.  By the way, I actually like riding bikes now.  I have an awesome Trek 7100 hybrid.  It has flowers on it.

I just have to get my life to a point where I am truly happy with myself and my surroundings.  I know in my job, I help people every day but I am missing something.  I have a plan of action. I am going to turn in my application sometime this week.   After all, 7 AM (or some ridiculous time) morning aerobics sounds appealing right now. So does eating spaghetti and cake with my face 🙂

My friend, Meaghan, posted a song on her facebook status yesterday.  I had never heard the song or artist but it is probably one of my new favorites.

This Girl by Nikki Flores

There’s a girl livin’ in this town
She’s got her head up in the sky
But her feet are on the ground
There’s a girl livin on my street
She knows outside her little world
Somehow ends are gonna meet
And when the road gets kinda rough
She keeps one thing in mind
The longest journey always starts with one step at a time

And this girl’s seen a lot of pain
But this girl’s gonna smile again
She knows that a flower grows every time it rains
And this girl’s got a lot of dreams
She knows that tomorrow’s ain’t what it seems
She might not solve a mystery tonight
But this girl’s gonna be alright



  1. that boggy creek place sounds awesome.. maybe i can do a weekend there with you sometime.
    you said some smart things in your blog… now stick to them! When you are happy with your awesomeness, (and believe me, you have a crapload full of awesomeness in you), when you realize that… ain’t no yankee or kentucky that can keep you down. 🙂
    Love you sister!

  2. By the way, this does not mean I am quitting my current job. Boggy is only a weekend thing! 🙂

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