Posted by: Amanda Taylor | February 27, 2010

Please, ride quietly…

Well, it is the beginning of Bike Week in Daytona.  There are road signs everywhere: We welcome you back and Please Ride Quietly.  I don’t understand how a biker can be quiet, I wish they could figure it out, but I just don’t think it’s possible.  Thankfully, I am 4 miles down from Main Street in Daytona or I’d be a lot less tolerant. However, the bikers are ruining my morning, mid afternoon and evening naps! Here’s a view from my balcony tonight. I would love to go get pictures of the craziness down on Main Street, but it is way to cold to go outside.  I could barely stand outside to get this picture.

I might not even mind all of the commotion if I didn’t feel so terrible.  I am allergic to something in my house. I  have cleaned, bleached, scrubbed surfaces endlessly and I can’t seem to stop sneezing.  This has been an ongoing issue for a few months now.  It seems to be getting worse.  I’ve gone through two boxes of tissues in the last few days.  I can only take so much Benadryl before I get frustrated with being so tired all the time.  I am not sure what to do or what it is, but either way I don’t like it at all.  I might get stock in Kleenex. If I never have to blow my nose again, I’d be fine with that.

I stayed home last night and watched movies. I was going to watch Julie and Julia.  I heard it might inspire me to cook more, since I hate doing it.  I hate my oven after yesterday as well.  I was reaching in to grab something, maybe I should be more careful next time…or just hire a professional cook so I never have to step foot in my kitchen again.

It doesn’t feel great. Anyways, I ended up watching My Sister’s Keeper.  I really enjoyed it, even though I cried 90 % of the time.  I also had two huge bowls of ice cream during the movies, which was completely accidental.


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