Posted by: Amanda Taylor | February 25, 2010

Thank you Thursday!

This is my first installment of Thank You Thursday.  I got the idea from another Blog. If you’d like to join in on the fun, go to Our Imperfect Life and find the “Thank you Thursday” box and follow the directions from there.

Thank you CF News 13 for showing me that the weather will not get above 65 and will be near freezing tonight.  Thanks Mother Nature, I moved to Florida for a reason..

Thank you Cage Fighters of the world for giving one of my clients the dream of one day being just like you, even though he practices on his 16 month old daughter and it is completely inappropriate.

Thank you Bed Bath & Beyond for carrying Serasoft blankets.  I’m all bundled up right now and they are just amazing 🙂

Thank you Paula Deen for making those cute red pots and pans.  My chili smells delicious right now and it looks delicious cause the awesome cookware.

Thank you condo for being 17 stories up and only being warm if I run emergency heat non-stop.  My bank account will be sure to thank you the next time I get my electric bill.

Thank you to my family for leaving me wonderful comments on here.  I love you all 🙂

Thank you to Edy’s for making Girl Scout Cookies flavored Ice Cream.  BUT…I am very sorry to the Girl Scout’s that tried to sell me the cookies and I rejected them, then walked out with a thing of the ice cream five minutes later.



  1. holy cow…somoas ice cream?! Yum!

    also, you must tell me how you got the Thank You Thursday button. I can’t ever get it to work.

  2. Never heard of the samoas ice cream before. I guarantee we won’t get that here. Bummer!

    kacy, to grab the button there is a box on the side with the text, you just have to highlight it & hit CTRL C & then paste it on your blog. If that doesn’t help, let me know.

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