Posted by: Amanda Taylor | February 23, 2010

A smile on everybody’s face…

That’s what I loved about Sunday.  Sunday was my cousin’s 2nd birthday party.  It was, as always, lots of fun catching up with family and bein’ a big kid with my little cousins.  Anytime I can act like a cheerleader again makes me super happy!

Colten blowin’ out his candles.

Me and Grant in his old man hat!

No shoes in the bounce castle!

You know, I’ve always thought I have had the “best of both worlds” with my family.  (By the way, I really do like Hannah Montana!) On the Taylor side, I have the “cookie cutter” grandparents that live down the road from me.  Mamaw cooks wonderful dinner and almost always has some type of fresh-baked goodness.  I can still curl up in my papaws lap. I talk to him for hours about his life growing up in Canada during the great depression to how he met my Mamaw.  I’ll pick a random date out of his journal and I’ll ask him to tell me about the story behind the entry. He always thinks he is boring me to death, but I could sit all evening and listen to his stories.  I find myself doing that quite a bit.  They drink wine at dinner and enjoy traveling the world.  It’s the more sophisticated side.  Family gatherings are always pleasant.  There is always great conversation; nice, quiet gatherings.

Aunt Jeanette, my mamaw (still in her apron), and my momma at a Thanksgiving dinner.

Then there is my momma’s side of the family, the Mathis group.  The family where everyone believes stickin’ your tongue out really does help you fix things, run faster, fish better, etc.  These family gatherings usually include lots of beer and food, lots of fishin’, and lots of laughing.  Now, me and my Papaw aren’t very close.  He’s not the gentle, lots of hugs and kisses type of person but I always cherish those times when the man of not so many words talks with me about the Korean War, my mamaw, and my momma growin’ up. The Mathis family likes hangin’ out in the woods by the lake, riding Bad Boy Buggies (which you can purchase at my Aunt Kitty and Uncle Phil’s huntin’ store) and teachin’ the kids how to fish as soon as they can stand.  My mamaw used to tell me stories about living in the mountains in Tennessee and caves out West, She taught me bein’ barefoot was okay and wrapping big presents with trash bags was completely acceptable.

That same Thanksgivin’ day with the Mathis family.

The two families could not be any more different.  I wouldn’t say either side is  “a favorite” but that I have been so blessed to be able to have such an amazing family.  Whenever any of us are together, there’s always a smile on everybody’s face 🙂



  1. KEEP this up it makes me happy and few tears

  2. I love you! You have a talent in putting your thoughts into words. I can never do that. Loved this blog and your others! I will keep following.

  3. You should be a writer.You sure do flatter us .You are the best.

  4. I agree. You should be a writer. What a nice blog Amanda. You are very lucky to have the “best of both worlds”!

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