Posted by: Amanda Taylor | February 20, 2010

Slow down…

I woke up early this morning.  I hate waking up on work days, but as sure as the sky is blue I always wake up too early on the weekends.  I decided I should take advantage of the beautiful weather, since it seems like I have been living in the arctic for the last few weeks (okay, maybe I am being a tad dramatic).  I went for a jog on the beach then came home to get ready for dance.

When I walked into my home, I realized my kitchen smelled like the potato soup I spilled all over the floor last night.  For me, anything I cook is a like a prisoners last meal so knowing that I spilled something I cooked was terribly frustrating. After cleaning, I started getting ready.  It didn’t take long to realize the hideous scar from my dog bite was very visible and even more visible in the outfit I was wearing.  After changing a million times, I really needed to get going. On my way to the interstate, of course I hit every single red light.  About a mile after getting on the interstate, I hit traffic.  Dead stop.  Even the upbeat Britney Spears couldn’t keep me energized at this point.  Of course, I start wondering why people can’t drive correctly and that of course I was too far past any exit to just turn around and go home, because I just knew I would never make it to dance on time. After 20 minutes, I went one mile.  Then, I came upon the wreck.  I was passing it around the same time the ambulance was arriving to the scene.  I look over to see three “blankets” near the totaled car.  One of the “blankets” was little.  It broke my heart.

Right at that minute, I stopped feeling frustrated.  I hate that it took that for me to realize I needed to be a bit more thankful for how great I have it right now.  I also called my sister and told her I love her, because no matter how much we fight, I do love her!

I get to dance (only 5 minutes late) and like always, I had a wonderful time. Sometimes, we all need reminders to slow down and just be happy.



  1. This gave me chills! Glad you’re happy, Amanda.

    (P.S. Dance class looks like so much fun!)

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