Posted by: Amanda Taylor | February 20, 2010

And I’m back…

So, here I am again.  I have had my share of “blogs” in the past, even tried a mass email newsletter for a while, but it always seems like when you need to write the most, there is always too much going on.

I am at a good place in my life now.  I can’t promise these will always be interesting and not nearly as clever as Kacy’s amazing ability to blog (which inspired me to start doing this again), but I hope you enjoy anyways.   It may be a free sleeping aid, after all, you can’t get much for free these days.

When I started doing my “mass” emails both of my parents were pretty sick.  We received so much support from family and friends and it made going through that battle bearable.  As bearable as cancer can be.  I stopped writing and updating when everyone was “better”, which may be a bit selfish on my part.  These wont be nearly as depressing, I hope…but I want to thank everyone that came through for us during that time.
Moving on, I am living in Daytona Beach now.  I moved out here in September and have an amazing condo on the beach.  The view I have every morning when I wake up is truly amazing.  I have found the last few months to be very liberating, like someone told me it would be. I always thought I felt the most at ease with myself and the world when I was in out on a lake fishin’ with dad, however, I am blessed to be able to sit on my porch and watch sunsets (or sunrises) on the beach.  I’ve been able to see dolphins jumpin’ around outside…which always makes my day a million times better.

Being in Daytona, I am just right down the road from my Mamaw and Papaw, so I go crash dinner pretty regularly. And I have realized (well I guess I’ve always known) just what amazing grandparents they are 🙂




  1. Thanks, Amanda…..I glad to see you are happy at the beach…wish I was there!

  2. I am super excited that you’re blogging again. Mind if I add your link to my ‘Blogs I Love’ page? I already feel like I’m sitting on your balcony looking out at blue water and sunshine…instead of pine trees and snow!

  3. Of course, Kacy. I am glad I am looking at blue water instead of snow…I really couldn’t do it!

  4. I don’t completely understand your love of the ocean. Not sure why God made us total polar opposites. 🙂 But I LOVE that you are happy and feeling peaceful. Oh, and I bought Mammaw and Pappaw that stuff they are holding. 1 point for their FAVORITE granddaughter! 🙂

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